Best Windows to Keep Out Heat

It’s summertime and the living’s … hot! Much of the heat you feel in your house comes through your windows. Here are some of the best windows to keep out heat.

When considering the best windows to keep out heat, think about two products that can work well. One of them is low-E, low emissivity, glass windows.

This type of window is most often recommended by professionals when people ask about the best windows to keep out heat. If you’re replacing only one or two windows, consider replacing the entire window to get the best efficiency.

You also need to consider this: If you want all your windows to match, you’ll have to replace all of them.

There are two factors to keep in mind if you’re replacing your windows with low-E windows. One is the U factor. This is the window’s overall insulating value. This value should be .30 or below for the best insulation.

The other factor to consider when using low-E windows as one of the best windows to keep out heat is the solar heat gain co-efficient. This is how effective the window is at reflecting the sun’s heat back outside. Once again, this value should be .30 or below for best results.

Reflective window film is the other product that works well to beat the summer heat. This product may be your best choice if your windows are already structurally sound and you only need to deal with a few windows. Reflective window film as one of the best windows to keep out heat works well for that goal and will help keep you home warmer in the winter.

Regarding cost of these two alternatives for the best windows to keep out heat, the low-E windows will cost more. But the reflective window film won’t solve an issue of heat entering your home due to a damaged or loose-fitting window frame. Replacing the window will solve that issue.

Another issue to consider is that putting reflective film on your windows may void the window manufacturer’s warranty. You need to check that as you’re making your decision.

Keep in mind the cost of installing either of these products, also. The window film can be a do-it-yourself project. The replacement of windows should be left to professionals.

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