Benefits of Large Windows

If you’re in the market for a new home or considering building one, think about the benefits of large windows.

One of the major benefits of large windows in your home is allowing a lot of natural light into the house. Studies have shown that lots of natural light increases mood and even helps people get along better. And if you should suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, even just a little bit, having more natural light in the winter months will alleviate a good bit of your bad feelings. Also, depending less on electric lighting can lower your utility costs.

In the winter, another of the benefits of large windows is passive solar gain. Catching as much of the winter sunlight as possible can help heat your home and again decrease utility bills.

Other studies have shown bringing the outdoors inside your home can increase positive feelings and even benefit your physical health. One of the benefits of large windows is allowing more of the outside into your home.

One of the bigger benefits of large windows is curb appeal. Homes with large windows appear more modern-looking and are pleasing to look at. Inside, they make rooms and homes appear larger. Both of these will positively influence the resale value of your home.

Another of the benefits of large windows is they can be either picture windows or operable windows. An advantage of a large picture window is fewer moving parts, thus making it less expensive to install. Having an operable window will allow for more air circulation in your home and allow the sweet smells of spring to enter your home.

A concern about large windows in your home is their energy efficiency. With today’s technology, this isn’t as large an issue as in the past. Double or triple glazing with inert gas between the panes will make large windows very energy efficient. Spacer bars that are warm will keep out the leakage of cold air around the window frames.

Cleaning large windows can be difficult. Not only in reaching all of them, but also in showing the dirt and other things that coat windows. You can spend a lot of time doing this unless you hire someone to do it for you.

Privacy can be another consideration. With large windows, you’ll have less privacy. One possibility for dealing with this is to use a window coating of some kind to give you more privacy.

Whether you want the benefits of large windows in your home or are satisfied with regular ones, when you need a replacement for a window, call FEDERAL GLASS AND MIRROR at 508-872-3563. Mike and John Purpura have a long family history of excellence in many types of glass replacement and installation.