Cleaning Windows

There’s nothing quite like coming into a room and seeing everything bathed in beautiful outside light. But those windows that let in that light seem to get dirty overnight. So, here are some things you need to know about cleaning windows.

First of all, there is some discussion among people who know about these things regarding which is better to use: newspaper or dry, lint-free cloths when cleaning windows. There are advocates for both, but one thing they all agree on is don’t use paper towels to clean your windows.

One particular aspect of cleaning windows is clear. You need the right tools, whether you use cloths or newspaper. For clear and streak-free windows using a squeegee seems to be best. This allows you to get right to the edges of the windows and by overlapping the swipes across the windows you get streak-free cleaning. Be sure you wipe the squeegee clean every time you swipe it across the glass. You can then use the newspaper or cloths to wipe up the excess water on the very edges of the windows to pick up any drips that may have been left behind. Be sure you wipe down the window sill afterward, also.

Of course, you’ll need a bucket to hold water and whatever soap or cleaner you use to clean your windows. The bucket should have a wide enough mouth to accept the squeegee you use.

Most people will ask, “What is the best soap to use?” Dawn dishwashing detergent works very well.

Many people suggest using vinegar when cleaning windows. It’s non-toxic and antibacterial and won’t hurt surfaces. Vinegar is acidic and will break down any film that has formed on the window. In addition, it won’t hurt your kids if they get in on the action.

A dry, cloudy day is better for cleaning windows. If you decide to clean when the sun’s out, the cleaner can dry too fast, leaving you with streaks that can be hard to remove.

Dust the sills and sashes before you clean. You’ll be left with a muddy mess if you don’t do this and the cleaning solution drips on the sills.

Be sure to use enough cleaner. You want to be sure to loosen dirt and film so it can be wiped away.

Whether you use newspaper or cloths when cleaning windows in your home, when you need a replacement for a window, call FEDERAL GLASS AND MIRROR at 508-872-3563. Mike and John Purpura have a long family history of excellence in many types of glass replacement and installation.