Repairing Mirrors

Repairing mirrors is not a job left to do-it-yourselfers. There are many things that can go wrong and many things that can sometimes be hazardous to do yourself.

In its most basic form, a mirror is glass with a silver backing protected by paint. The silver isn’t paint. It is pure elemental silver in a thin layer formed by a chemical reaction directly on the glass surface.

Already you can begin getting an idea of the complexity of repairing mirrors.

Let’s say you have an old, cherished mirror that needs to be re-silvered. In repairing mirrors like this, you first have to remove it from the frame. This can lead to more damage to the mirror or to a damaged frame.

If you have a scratch on the mirror and can feel it with your fingernail, you can’t remove it by hand. Repairing mirrors with this kind of scratch requires machine polishing which can distort the glass and mar the reflection.

If you decide on re-silvering your mirror yourself, you need to have a space large enough to do the work. Re-silvering a mirror is a wet process.

In fact, rather than repairing mirrors that need re-silvering on your own, experts recommend having a professional take on the job. The chemicals required for the process are hazardous and the outcome may not be what you want.

The most basic re-silvering kits can cost up to $150. So, if the mirror is really something you want to keep, consider hiring a professional who knows about repairing mirrors to do the work.

Some of the work of repairing mirrors can be handled by a good do-it-yourselfer. For example, if your mirror has scratches, you can spread a small amount of white toothpaste over the scratched area and wipe it off with a soft cloth. If this doesn’t work, take it to a professional.

Repairing mirrors that have cracked can also be handled by yourself. Buy a windshield repair kit with resin, a syringe, and glass cleaner. This can be a lengthy and complicated process with no guarantee of the results. If you take it to a professional, he or she will do the job correctly, with probably better results.

Antique mirrors often develop black spots in different places. Although you can try some of the home remedies found on the internet, they usually are time-consuming and a lot of work. It’s better to take them to a professional well-versed in repairing mirrors.

When you need a professional for repairing mirrors, call FEDERAL GLASS AND MIRROR at 508-872-3563. Mike and John Purpura have a long family history of excellence in many types of glass replacement and installation.