Commercial Applications of Glass

The commercial applications of glass are many and varied. Bridges, canopies, walls, balustrades, and stair risers are just a few of the commercial applications of glass.

Glass is a timeless material that adds light and lightness to any design.

One example of the commercial applications of glass is the canopy. Any building can be made more attractive by adding a glass canopy. Some of the practical benefits of this kind of canopy include protection of people from the weather, allowing natural light into the building, and protecting the front doors from the weather. In addition, the commercial applications of glass in the form of a canopy can provide a clear sight line into the building.

Important to keep in mind is the fact that these canopies are exposed to wind and snow loads. This must be kept in mind when choosing the best kind of glass for this application.

Some of the benefits of the commercial applications of glass include:

Glass can be made either transparent or translucent and thus add beauty to the building.

Up to 80% of the natural light available can be transmitted by glass without yellowing or clouding.

Glass doesn’t rust or degrade gradually through exposure to the elements.

Glass can be made smooth so cleaning is easier.

Glass is available in a variety of colors.

Glass can be manipulated into various shapes to add both interest and beauty to any of the commercial applications of glass.

Glass is 100% recyclable.

Some of the drawbacks of the commercial applications of glass include:

            The production of glass is energy intensive. The end product thus becomes more expensive than other products.

            The chances of injury from broken glass are very high. Glass is a brittle product and does not require a tremendous amount of stress to cause it to break.

            Glass is less resistant to impact, making it of low capability to sustain a sudden load.

            Glass has a low R rating, making it a poor insulator.

            Using glass increases security costs.

In spite of the negatives, the commercial applications of glass remains a viable way to add to the value and beauty of your commercial project.

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