Unusual Uses of Glass

More and more, glass becomes seen as a flexible material for many uses. Today, we will take a look at some unusual uses of glass.

Glass furniture is one of those unusual uses of glass. This goes beyond the sometimes familiar glass coffee table. Chairs and other furnishings can be made of glass. Most of the time a glass chair won’t be as comfortable as a chair made for lounging, but they can be considered functional works of art.

On the other hand, adding a good pad to a glass lounge chair can make a comfortable outdoor chair. Because the glass is thick and tempered, there is no concern about it breaking under you.

More often seen than glass furniture, glass bricks make up another of those unusual uses of glass. These glass bricks are fairly inexpensive and easily used anywhere you want privacy, but lots of light as well. Because glass bricks are hollow, they also add insulation to a space where they’re used. Many times glass bricks are used in bathrooms.

In other areas of the house you can add colored glass bricks to bring privacy, extra insulation, and additional color. Since glass bricks are sturdy, they can be used to build an usual accent wall as well.

Another of those unusual uses of glass is in the backsplash in the kitchen. They tend to be more expensive, but they certainly are eye-catching. These backsplashes can be made from colored glass, textured glass, and even lighted glass using LED lights. If you want to make a statement with this one of the unusual uses of glass, put a wallpaper mural behind your backsplash.

Glass stair treads are another of the unusual uses of glass. While glass fences and balustrades are more common, stair treads made of glass are still unusual. They really set off modern interiors. Glass can be used for stair treads just like any other material typically used for treads.

One of the more unusual uses of glass is in the making of wigs. Materials for wigs are becoming scarce because of laws against women selling their hair for wigs. Glass can be used to make very life-like hair. Any shade and any style can be manufactured.

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