Cold Weather and Your Windows

Winter is on the way. It’s time to think about cold weather and your windows. Not many people in areas where winter is really cold consider what effect the cold has on your windows. Some of these effects result in lasting issues that may lead to a need for window replacement.

Air Leaks

In summer or milder weather, leaks around your windows are not a big issue. But air leaks in the winter bring cold weather and your windows to mind quickly. You’ll certainly feel less comfortable inside with these leaks, but you’ll also see a big effect on your heating bills. This factor of leaks that results from cold weather and your windows also puts extra strain on your heating unit. If you have a leak, you can try sealing your windows with caulk to stop it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace your windows.

Heat Transfer

Another aspect of cold weather and your windows that you might not think about is the potential for heat transfer. This occurs when your windows are not glazed well and lack up to date insulation. If your windows feel cold to the touch, you might want to consider replacing them with windows that are double paned with an inert gas to increased insulation.


Icing is not usually a problem connected with cold weather and your windows, but it can happen. Under the right conditions, ice can form inside your windows. High humidity and freezing temperatures are required for this to happen. More possible is a build up of moisture in the window assembly because of small gaps or cracks. This moisture will freeze and expand, making any gaps or cracks larger. Make sure you adequately ventilate your home to let this  moisture evaporate or escape.

Water Damage

A major issue with cold weather and your windows is water damage. Check for discoloration, mold, rot, or peeling paint around your windows. Wooden frames and older aluminum frames are especially likely to allow water to damage your home. Get repairs done as soon as possible if you see this kind of damage.

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